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Board Goals

Littlefield Unified School District #9 



The Littlefield Unified School District is committed to excellence.  Therefore, we are committed to providing opportunities for all students to learn and develop socially, emotionally, and academically.  We are committed to providing resources to our students, parents and teachers in an ongoing effort to help students transition from childhood to adulthood. 


Beliefs & Values

1. Children must feel loved, feel important and feel safe. 

2. Learning should have a component of fun and joy connected to it.  Students should look forward to coming to school and working with their teachers. 

3. Teachers believe they can teach their students and their students will learn.  Our teachers offer their students extra help after school, as needed, for those students who ask for the assistance. 

4. Every child matters because we know them.

5. Our teachers strive to make a difference because they address the individual needs of their students.  

6. An instructional focus is established and maintained in each classroom. 

7. Every individual on the LUSD Educational Team is appreciated and respected.

8.  LUSD encourages all parents to become actively involved in the education of their child. 


The seven goals for LUSD9 are:

 1.     Improve Student Learning:

a.    Increase the number and percentage of students passing the state mandated AIMS test.

b.    Decrease the number of students scoring in the Far Falls Below category on the AIMS test.

c.     Earn an "A" grade from the Arizona Department of Education.

2.    All enrolled seniors will graduate with their class and receive their diploma.

3.    Further enhance the district's employee evaluation system.

4.    Improve communication with all stakeholders.

5.    Reduce the dropout rate to 0%.

6.    Develop a long range Maintenance Plan.

7.    Develop a long range Technology Plan.