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The history of Littlefield Unified School District #9 dates back to the early 1900’s when a few families in the farming communities of Littlefield and Beaver Dam were holding school in their homes. An adobe building was constructed several hundred feet above the Virgin River in Littlefield and formal education commenced there sometime around 1910.

The 1926-27 school year exhibited a tremendous group of students attending at the one room school in Littlefield. The attendance/grade book is dominated by a few family names: McKnight, Leavitt, Peterson, Frehner, and Reber. Average daily attendance was 13 students.

 Not much changed for the next 60 years within the district. Dessie Reber, the school’s only teacher for many years, demonstrates fluctuating enrollment through the 60’s and 70’s in her grade books (anywhere between 5 and 15 students in the entire district!).The same prominent community names existed on the rolls during this time with the addition of a few move-ins such as the Harris and Jones families. Almost all of these family names reside in the area to this day.

 There were years during the late 70’s and early 80’s where only one or two students were enrolled at the school. Growth began to occur in the district during the latter part of the 80’s. The one-room school house soon had several modular buildings dotting the perimeter of the property. By 1992 enrollment at the school approached 100 students.

 Throughout the 20th century, all students attending the Littlefield School were taught up until 6th or 8th grade. Students then proceeded to Virgin Valley High School where they were able to participate in programs and graduate from an accredited institution. A Certificate of Educational Convenience (CEC) was approved by the County Superintendent authorizing the district to use Arizona funds for tuition of students attending Virgin Valley High School in nearby Mesquite, NV.

 With enrollment steadily climbing, the governing board of the district enlisted the assistance of the newly established Arizona School Facilities Board to assist in the construction of a new school across the I-15 freeway. In 1999, Beaver Dam Elementary opened and a new era began. The Littlefield site was abandoned as students K-8 moved into the new building.

 Unprecedented student and community growth continued, prompting discussion among the board regarding the prospect of a new high school in Beaver Dam. It was soon determined to build the school, slated for opening in 2003. Students who would be graduating from Beaver Dam High School in 2006 remained at the elementary school their freshman year and all subsequent students would also attend the entirety of their elementary and secondary education within the district.

 In 2002, an eight classroom addition was added to the Beaver Dam Elementary School to accommodate continued growth in addition to providing space for the additional secondary students. In the meantime, two modular buildings were brought from the Littlefield site to Beaver Dam where they were remodeled. This provided four additional classrooms to be utilized by the secondary students.

 After an arduous construction process Beaver Dam High School opened its doors in the fall of 2004. Two additional modular buildings were added to the middle school campus over the next few years in addition to a sport court and locker room facility.

 An additional wing was constructed at the high school in 2008 and includes a media center, commons area, and six classrooms. A capital improvement bond was passed by the community shortly thereafter, facilitating the construction of vocational facility, stage, and visiting team locker rooms. Athletic fields and landscaping were also completed at this time.

 Today the district serves approximately 350 students residing in Littlefield, Beaver Dam, Desert Springs, Arvada and Scenic. The elementary school, middle school, and high school are all located within walking distance of each other in Beaver Dam.