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About Us

About Us

Beaver Dam is home to three campuses that make up the Littlefield Unified School District, the geographically largest school district in Arizona. Beaver Dam Elementary is located at 3436 E. Rio Virgin Road. Beaver Dam Junior/Senior High School is located just a block up the road at 3475 E. Rio Virgin Road, with an overview of the towns and the I-15 Freeway.  The District Business Office is located behind the elementary school at 3490 E. Rio Virgin Road.

Beaver Dam & neighboring Littlefield, have the distinction of being the only towns in Arizona along I-15. Owing to its location northwest of Grand Canyon National Park and west of the Virgin River it is essentially isolated from the rest of the state. Travel to other towns within Arizona requires crossing through either Nevada or Utah, or by traversing unpaved roads to Arizona state highway 91 (which is paved).

The Virgin River Gorge is located just to the east of Beaver Dam. Beaver Dam has a large population of "snowbirds" (retirees from colder latitudes seeking temperate winter temperatures) during the winter months.

Since 2010 the school district has had a declining enrollment.  Currently BDES has an enrollment of 198 students.  BDES offers a 3 and 4 year old program as well as full time Kindergarten program.  The school was built  and opened in 1999.

BDHS was opened in 2004.  Prior to the opening of the high school, students were transported to Virgin Valley High School in nearby Mesquite.  Beaver Dam Junior Senior High School has an enrollment of 196 students.  The school offers a variety of extra-curricular activities for students including Football, Volleyball, Wrestling, Basketball and Baseball.   

Approximately 74% of the student body are Hispanic.  Approximately 11% of our student body receive special education services.  100% of the students in our community are offered transportation to and from school.  The district offers an after school program bus to allow students to participate in after school academic and sports programs.  The elementary school offers a 21st Century Community Learning Center academic and enrichment program.  The high school offers an online program to allow students to take additional academic courses in preparation for college as well as credit retrieval courses after school.