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Superintendent's Message

Lael Calton

Lael Calton

Sitting in my office chair looking out the window, I am rewarded with the stunning view of the Virgin Mountains and its gorgeous expanse.  Originally from Montana, this is a change of scenery for me.  It reminds me that I am a new and proud member of the Beaver Dam School Community.  Although this is a physical change for me, I know in my heart, that many of my personal beliefs have not wavered.  For example, I have always believed in the power of education, the strength of an educational institution united in teaching its students, and how incredibly essential the role of parents play in their children’s education. 

Nelson Mandela stated, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."  When we stop to really contemplate these simple words, education is what has caused every revolutionary change to mankind—civilization, cultivation, medical advances, transportation, computers, and too many more to list.  In the United States, we are truly privileged to have a free education bestowed upon us.  Everyone in the United States can take advantage of this “most powerful weapon.”  Anyone can make anything of him/herself if you simply take advantage of what is offered.

Students whom choose to fully engage themselves as learners in our school district are fortunate to be working next to resident experts in their fields.  Our employees within the school district will work as hard as possible to educate your child.  In fact, after meeting and working with these educators, I am fully confident that we can and do provide a world-class education here at Beaver Dam.  Our faculty members do more for our students than teach them—they care for them, they nurture them, and they believe in them!  Truthfully, I’m not certain that I have ever worked alongside such truly compassionate teachers and faculty as those in Beaver Dam.

Besides our teachers, we must count on parent and guardian partnerships in educating the whole child.  Parents are a child’s first teacher.  They are essential in cultivating the belief that education is a priority in life—not merely a state requirement.  I was recently introduced to a local resident who wanted to be certain that she was raising her children in a way that they would be successful and thrive in their educational environment as well as home environment.  She is taking advantage of local services in order to augment her children’s education.  Although her children are young, she is setting high expectations for them and she fully believes that they will not only meet these expectations, but also exceed them.  She wants them to learn that if they work hard, learn everything they can in school, and ultimately earn a high school diploma, that they will be able to achieve their dreams.  Every parent or guardian should aspire to want the same for their child.

It is because of education that my dreams have come true.  I always had a desire to become a teacher to work with and empower children.  I wanted to help students become successful in spite of any barriers that may have stood in their way.  Ultimately, I want every student in Beaver Dam School to realize their dreams.  And with hard work, dedication, help from all of their teachers and truly supportive and unrelenting parents, your child (our child) will reach their dreams.

Lael Calton, Superintendent

Littlefield Unified School District 9


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